What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (A.B.A)

A.B.A. is the scientific study of behaviour, its antecedents and its consequences. This allows us to better understand the reasons why particular behaviours may or may not occur. By better understanding the motivations of the children we work with, we are far better placed to teach effective language skills, play skills, self-help skills, reading and writing, social interaction.

ABA also provides a framework that enables us to become better teachers for our children, through the understanding of how we influence their behaviour.

Almost all of the children The ABC Clinic work with, have some degree of language delay. Children with language delays often develop inappropriate behaviours, which gain them access to the events, objects or responses they enjoy.

Sometimes the reasons behind these behaviours can be incredibly difficult to identify, if you are not trained in behavioural principles. But a behaviour always happens for a reason.

By understanding how behaviours are created and maintained we are better able to understand inappropriate behaviours, and shape them into more appropiate ones.

The use of Language (through speech, sign language, gesture or writing) is a behaviour, and as such it is shaped and developed through the same principles of reinforcement as other behaviours.

Understanding the principles of reinforcement, and the functional developmental of language are the first steps in helping children with language and developmental delays to reach their true potential. 

The ABC Clinic uses the Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Programme (the VB-MAPP) http://www.marksundberg.com/vb-mapp.htm, and the Assesment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised (the ABLLS-R) http://www.partingtonbehavioranalysts.com.

Skype Workshops.

For many families on ABA programmes, it can be very difficult to manage the costs of running a programme, as well as getting everyone together for regular workshops.skype

Not all families are funded by local authorities, or have the financial ability to run a full ABA programme on their own. Also, many families live in areas which may make half day workshops difficult.

To address this need, we have now introduced Skype workshops for families. This allows us to eliminate the travel costs which would typically apply, and it also allows us to be able to provide shorter consultations, where a full day consultation would have been necessitated due to the distance one of our team would have traveled.

All you need is a Skype account, and a camera on your computer!

The ABC Clinic Forum

Sometimes, it can be helpful to speak to other families running ABA programmes. We have therefore set up a forum for parents to ask questions, discuss ideas and experiences, and just to keep in touch with others who are on a similar path.

All you have to do is register to become a member of the forum and you will be free to post on any of the links.

We will also be arranging some live forums, during which we will be offering advice to members on specific issues.

We’ll be contacting members in advance, so you’ll know when we are going to be online.