First steps

The first step is to contact us for an informal chat about your needs. There is no charge for this, and we will be able to offer you some further information to you about how we work.

We will also be able to gather some initial information about you and your child. We may be able to give some basic advice at this time, but it is likely that fro detailed advice, we will need further information.Every child is individual, and has a different set of needs to be addressed.

Whilst there are some areas of common need with the children we work with, it will be impossible for us to tell you how we would design a programme for your child without getting some extra information. This will usually involve us sending out a copy of our questionnaire, and also arranging a visit to come and carry out a basic observational assessment.

If your child is in nursery or school, we would hope to be able to spend some time there during our visit, as well as at home. Typically, we would be spending a day to complete our observations and assessments.

Following our visit, we will provide you with a written report, which will include our observations, recommendations for areas to be addressed, and recommendations for how to structure the appropriate intervention for your child.

At this point, we would discuss with you how best to achieve progress for your child and how we can help you with that.

We would discuss the number of hours of intervention and support your child requires, where would be the best setting for your child, and who would be best to provide that support on a day to day basis.

blocksTypically, we would then arrange a workshop (1 or 2 days, depending on the type of intervention required), during which we will provide training to tutors and staff.

At the end of this initial workshop, you will be ready to start your ABA programme, with a set of initial targets which we will provide.

The frequency of further visits will be decided, based upon the progress your child makes, and upon the training needs of you and your team of tutors.